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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

This was posted on my now defunct Facebook page. I didn't want to lose it, so I've reposted it here. It was for International Non-Binary Awareness Week 2022:

This week from July 11th to 17th is International Non-Binary Awareness Week, which also incorporates July 14th International Non-Binary Peoples Day. As a Non-Binary person myself I'm sharing this as it is close to my heart, and also to share more of where I am coming from as a Music Producer. Some of you may have noticed my use of gender neutral pronouns on my profile.

Whilst the term "non-binary" is relatively new in itself, the reality of gender identity not conforming to the binary isn't, and whilst not widely accepted, we have existed.

The Egyptian Pharoah, Hatshepsut, who reigned in 1400 BCE has been widely depicted as defying binary gender roles.

In Ancient Mesopotamia, a third gender, Hijra was recognised. Defined as neither a man nor a woman.

Polynesian Culture recognised a third gender "Mahu". People identifying as Mahu still exist today in Hawaii.

The Navajo (First Nations People in S/W USA) traditionally recognised a third gender "Nadleech", who fall outside the binary.

Joan of Arc is another notable historical example.

I think it's important that we acknowledge and respect a person's gender identity, in whatever form that is, and events such as this help to build awareness, tolerance and understanding.

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