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Upcoming release dates!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Some very exciting news as the release dates for the upcoming 3 tracks have now been locked in. All tracks and album artwork are secret for now, so will be a surprise. Maybe I'll leak a teaser?!

It's very satisfying to be able to be releasing music each year, and each track is a culmination of many hours of creative and technical production work.

Bandcamp release dates:

  • Friday April 7th - Track release 1

  • Friday April 14th - Track release 2

  • Friday April 14th - Track release 3

Beatport, Spotify & other music sites release dates:

  • Friday April 28th - Track release 1

  • Friday June 2nd - Track release 2

  • Friday July 7th - Track release 3

Be sure to be following me on your favourite platform to be notified of releases as they drop. Bandcamp is always the best way to support my music, and will have the earliest release dates.

Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy the tracks!


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