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GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT is an electronic music project created by Kevin J Eyles, based in Melbourne, Australia. Inspiration is drawn from artists such as Kevin Saunderson, Robert Hood, Blake Baxter, Juan Atkins, Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk to develop an exciting brand of minimal techno.

From late teenage years, Kevin has studied the art of playing the guitar and it is from here that the passion to create music developed. The recording of guitar tracks and overlaying with beats and samples, soon gave rise to a complete electronic music production process in its own right.

The four track EP, GFI-001, released in March 2022 is a collection of minimal techno tracks with thumping kicks, throbbing base lines and hypnotic rhythms. This is music for the dancefloor, but can also be enjoyed whilst relaxing with friends.

Prior to this release, GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT has released four singles, which have been enjoyed by listeners in many countries across the globe. These releases have shown the desire to experiment with interesting sounds, including guitar samples.

The GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT project is not intended solely for the studio but also to perform finely crafted DJ sets in the genres of Techno, Tech / Deep House, Psytrance / Goa & EBM, both online and at clubs. This includes a mix of old and new tracks plus many hard to find titles from the vinyl collection.

Currently located in Melbourne, Australia but open to exciting opportunities to DJ locally, interstate or internationally.

Promoters and Venue Bookers please contact me via this site for all bookings enquiries.

GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT electronic music producer & DJ
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