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Exciting techno release news

It's been a while since I've published an update on this page, but don't worry, this doesn't mean that the GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT project has slowed down by any means. The last six months have been a busy period of building up my vinyl record collection and working hard on developing my DJ mixing style. Alongside this I have been producing more minimal techno tracks. This project has been one where I've limited myself to hardware that I have in my own studio or items that I can readily hire at MESS Melbourne. Thus I have been on a journey of discovery and learning all the intricacies that these synths and drum machines have to offer. This has also enabled me to expand my creativity through limitation and forcing myself to develop smart ways to reach an end result that I'm happy with. There have been many exciting moments where I have come up with my best ideas through using a synth and not knowing completely how it works. I was often surprised by the result and it set me on the path to something new. Using analog synths and drum machines has meant that the tracks have a very raw and analog sound to them getting back to the DIY ethos of techno music making like it was in the beginning. Along this process one track idea grew into two and then three and then four. I was finding during the production of one track that I liked two different variations of the track hence some remixes have been created. At this point in time one of the tracks, and the corresponding alternate mix has been mixed and ready for the mastering process. I'll be sharing these tracks around to some niche techno labels to see if they'd like to sign me up and distribute under their label. If not I have some exciting ideas for self release including asking one of my peers to do a guest remix. The picture above is a concept image that I have come up with to illustrate the project and may form the basis for the album art. To keep up to date with the new release be sure to email subscribe to the website or this blog page, or alternatively on your favourite music platform of choice. There will be more exciting announcement soon so stay tuned.

Keep dancin',


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