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Update - March 2023 - GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Some really exciting developments this month. I've completed the mixing of 3 new tracks and as I type they are with the mastering engineer receiving the final touches and polish required for music stores and streaming sites. Stayed tuned for the next Bandcamp Friday as I will be releasing these on the Bandcamp store to coincide with these dates. The link to the Bandcamp store can be found via the "Music" tab on the website. Release to the various streaming sites goes through a few more sets of hands, so this will likely be in around 6 weeks time.

Late last month, and this month I've had the opportunity to attend the MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) here in Melbourne and use some vintage synthesizers such as the Roland SH-101 and the Novation Bass Station. It's always interesting to mix up your production workflow by using hardware instead of just software plugins alone. It's a great learning experience, and where possible I like to include recordings of analogue hardware in my productions to give tracks a nice organic sound. Pictures of the equipment I get to use are featured in the gallery section of the website.

The March DJ mix has been uploaded to Mixcloud. This time it's a techno journey through a variety of hypnotic, hard, dark and sometimes minimal techno styles. You can listen to this set for free via the Mixcloud player on the DJ & Live page on the website (as well as other DJ sets recorded this year). Next month will be another tech house DJ set.

Thanks for reading and for the continued support,


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