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Singles 2023
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The 2023 single releases are interesting as they largely are tracks where I went back and built upon early unfinished ideas. The original ideas that I had for the tracks were often in a different subgenre to the finished product. An example is "Beyond Consciousness" which I originally had planned to be an EBM or industrial track built around the main synth motif. However, once applying a different bassline groove and the vocal sample, the track soon went in a different direction. I play the track in tech or deep house DJ sets, although Beatport classifies it as electro. 

The same pretty much can be said about "What did you say?". The original synth line on its own had a completely different character to the end product one the bass line and the vocal sample were added into the mix.

"How good is acid?" is a track built from a 303 recording session I had at Melbourne's MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) studio. The 303 used is a vintage piece of equipment. I captured many loops as I played around with the unit without any real track in mind. I finally worked out a way to make a completed track from this one particular recording, hence "How good is acid?" was born. I perform with the 303 using the resonance, frequency, decay and envelope knobs as if I was performing with an instrument. 

Hope you enjoy the tracks!

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