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Singles 2021
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The GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT project took off in earnest in 2021. I'll never forget the excitement of submitting my very first singles off for release across all the streaming sites and stores. I still look back at these tracks fondly and appreciate them for what they are. Sure, I have improved in my production knowledge since then, and my more recent releases may be more sophisticated, but these tracks still were born out of valid ideas. My philosophy has always been about ideas based music. I still drop these tracks in my DJ sets depending on what style of set I'm playing. "sublunary sphere" marked my first effort at making a psy-trance track. This will be the first of many I hope. Tracks such as "sublunary sphere" and "Dystopian Sunset" are examples where I draw on my guitar playing experience, and use of guitar fx to create interesting sounds. "Automaton" was an idea that formed as I was trying to work out how to use a bass synth plugin. I had no idea what I was doing, but the chords run through the plugin sounded cool I thought, hence I made it into a track. "Roundabout" is an example of extremely minimal techno.

Hope you enjoy the tracks!

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