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Update - January 2023 - GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Well 2023 is in full swing and so is the progress of the GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT project. The next series of tracks are currently being composed and are in various stages of production. There is anywhere between 5 and 7 tracks on the go, and new ideas being started all the time. No rush or deadline in the completion of these pieces of work, it's all about quality over quantity. When they are ready, they will be ready. It is looking likely that the release will be in the form of another 3 to 4 track EP, as per the recent GFI-001 EP. Different style though, so stay tuned. I may share some sneak snippets at some stage.

My quest to develop my DJ skills to a high level is ongoing. I'm continually working on this most days, and often recording new DJ sets for upload to Mixcloud. Check the DJ Sets page on the website, as these can be accessed via the onsite player. In addition the continual hunting down and purchasing both new and classic tracks on vinyl for the collection continues. I'm fascinated by the craft of DJing with vinyl and turntables, and this is where I see myself devoted most of my DJing time in the future. The tactile feel and response is a thrill and a true art in itself. There will be more vinyl DJ sets uploaded and performed as my skills improve. I'm far more comfortable with the XDJ's and DVS digital systems at present. But like creating music, it is an ongoing journey of self development and improvement.

You may have noticed some changes to the website. I have redesigned this so that it is focussed on what really matters. This is a) the music b) the DJ performances c) bookings and d) latest news. All other unnecessary links have been removed. The website is the official one stop shop for the GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT project. You may engage with me and discover the project on social media, which is great, but everything will lead back to this site rather than referring visitors back to social media sites. The only exception to this rule is Bandcamp, as that is where I host my official music store, and Mixcloud as this is where I upload DJ sets. (Beatport included as this store hosts my tracks for sale and DJ streaming).

There will be plenty more exciting developments to come this year, as well as DJ performances, so be sure to subscribe to the email newsletter or check back regularly to keep up to date.

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