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Update - February 2023 - GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT

February has been an interesting month and I'm excited to confirm that I am working on 6 new tracks. Three of these are well advanced with minor changes to arrangements to be made before fully progressing to the mixing and mastering stage. The other three are in the early ideas stage so it will be interesting to see in which direction these develop. There is no rush with these tracks as I'm at a point in the project where I value quality of releases over quantity. They may be released as singles, or I may release them as an EP.

On the DJ front there have been some exciting mixes performed and recorded this year. If you haven't already checked them out I suggest you visit the "DJ & Live" page of the website. I host audio streams of DJ sets via Mixcloud and videos of performance. What better way to spend a gathering than to stream a DJ mix to your entertainment system and enjoy it with friends and family! Hint. The latest "Psytrance & Goa" mix is a ripper.

The website continues to be the central hub of all things GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT. All music releases and DJ sets are accessible via the website. This approach has been further strengthened as I have decided to stop having a presence on Facebook and Instagram, which follows on from leaving Twitter earlier in the year. I'm already feeling refreshed away from the mental stresses of social media and its expectations and will be looking to focus my energies into the important matters like producing quality music and further developing my DJ skills. You'll still find me on sites where I host my content, or livestream.

I'm in the process of devising how a VIP Membership subscription may look like and what special and exclusive content, interactions and experiences I could provide for a monthly fee. This would be run through the Bandcamp platform which is becoming a great all-in-one solution for independent artists. It's likely that subscription fees would start at $5 per month, and this includes instant access to all my discography. There could be exclusive livestreams for subscribers, exclusive merchandise, behind the scenes interviews, and snippets of tracks that I'm working on, etc. Anyhow, it's something that I'm thinking about and it will be guided by feedback as to whether I decide to progress.

Well that's it for this month. Hope everyone is well, and keep dancin'.

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