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Independent Music Release

Updated: May 12

I've been in the exciting position recently where months of work have culminated in the completion of two pieces of music. This is especially satisfying, as like a lot of artists this takes hours of work and often countless other ideas/tracks which are continually works in progress. The ideas were flowing and I was able to follow through and reach an end product that I'm happy to release. I can't stress highly enough how helpful it was to use a music distribution platform such as Ditto Music. The process was straightforward and enables me to maintain my independent status and maintain ownership and control over my works. It was completed entirely online. This is so beneficial to the independent artist and I would highly recommend that anyone consider the same to follow the same approach. I learnt a lot about the modern music distribution process, even seemingly small things like designing album covers. I'll know what to expect with future releases. I'll provide further updates as I move through the release experience, and find out how the tracks are received. If you are so inclined, follow the links on the homepage to bookmark my releases, or look up GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT after January 27th.

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