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Forever moving forward

Well we are half way through the year, and for those of you that have been following my previous website will notice the obvious changes. GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT is proving to be a project that is forever evolving and moving forward, and really needed its own web domain and site, separated from my film and acting site. I am so appreciative and grateful that I've been able to through my focus, attention and creativity into this project, and not dwelling too much on the lockdowns and the covid situation that faces us all. Of course I'm forever vigilant in protecting the health of myself, my family and the community and have completed my fair share of covid tests. But it can be very easy to let this situation really take you down mentally and pyschologically, and that's why this creative outlet has been such a positive.

The new website is a lot easier to navigate and to find ways to keep up to date with my releases, where to find them on streaming sites, and all the latest from social media. The music store has been set up so that you can purchase official music directly from me and helping support the project without merchant commissions.

In only 6 months I've met some really interesting and passionate electronic music artists and fans from around the world, the inspiration of which is highlighted in my previous blog post.

Recently I have been approached by an Australian distributor, GYROstream, and I'm will be releasing my music and back catalogue through them. Its great to be dealing with a local startup, and I'm sure it will be a mutually beneficial relationship going forward.

The new release is getting closer to completion, with 3 out of the 4 tracks completed. The may be a 5 track added, but we'll see! There will be teasers to come, but I'm aiming for a release date in the latter part of this year. I love the way that the tracks are sounding, and they will work well in DJ sets. A challenging part is coming up for track titles.

Lastly, if you haven't already, I encourage you all to subscribe to my email newsletter. That way you can get all the latest news and updates to your inbox, including pre-release dates, exclusives and even discount coupons for the store.

Thank you all for following and coming along for this journey.

Till next time,


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