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"Decentralisation"- The Future for Artists

Decentralisation, what is it? And why is it important to independent and emerging Artists? In its simplest sense it means that ownership and control is spread across multiple parties, rather than being controlled and owned by one over-arching party or organisation. The reason that this concept is attractive to independent Artists is that if the spread is sufficient enough, then there is a greater chance that you'll earn a fair reward for your work. In the centralised model you are at the mercy of the one controlling party, and how they feel that revenues should be shared, and ultimately this ends up benefiting the large and established Artists. Independents don't get as good a look in. That is why the concept of Audius music has been so appealing to me. In a very short space of time, just over a month, GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT, is closing in on 150 followers and has had close to 200 streams. This has been the most active music platform that I've submitted work on, and by far outweighs the interaction I was receiving on Soundcloud. The platform is free to use, and offers listeners high quality, ad-free music streaming. Best of all the platform is owned by all the artists that upload music to the platform. Whilst Audius is very new and still developing, I'm looking forward to see how the platform develops, and for the implementation of a fair, decentralised monetisation system. It's exciting to be involved with something that is relatively new, and to contribute to its success. If you are at all interested, sign up for an account and enjoy the work of not only emerging Artists, but well-known and respected Artists such as Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin, to name a few. GROUND:FAULT:INTERRUPT is there nudge, nudge :)

All the best. KJE

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